Hi, I'm Kristen.  Thanks for stopping by my blog!  I am Mommy to two precious little girls, Jenna (3), and Madeline (1).  Over the past few months, God has placed it on my heart to do regular, purposeful bible lessons with my three-year-old and he's also put it on my heart to share them in this blog.  My goal is to share simple lessons that are easy for a busy, stretched mom (or dad!) to do at home with their own children (as opposed to a class of preschoolers).  While I am not a trained preschool expert, I trust that God will use this blog and these lessons for His glory and to minister to other moms.  I approach every bit of this with humility and lots of prayer!  I hope that you find something in this blog that can inspire or help you in teaching your little ones about our big, amazing, wonderful God!


  1. Kristen, I love this! Just found it today :) Will pass it on, too!

    1. Thanks Lisa!! I appreciate the encouragement!

  2. I do an outreach on Saturdays for neighborhood children. Thanks for the lesson. Keep up the good work.


  3. Your blog is an answer to my prayers. I have been wanting to do Bible lessons with my kids and just didn't quite know where to start. Your plan makes so much sense to me. Thank you and I thank God for sending your lessons to me. God Bless you and your family. Kim