Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lesson 24: Isaac and Rebekah

I am posting this lesson a little late.  We did the lesson over a week ago, but later that afternoon, Jenna started running a fever and both girls were really sick for a week.  I'm praising God that they are finally feeling better!  We were in survival mode for a, I'm a little behind on posting!

The last story lesson that I did was about Abraham and Isaac.  I was surprised to see that my storybook Bibles skipped right on to Joseph in one and Leah and Rachel in the other!  I think there are a few important names and stories to introduce our preschoolers to in between those two stories!   So, for Isaac and Rebekah, I relied on Google to help me find a children's version of the story!  Here's the lesson:

1.  Verse - no new verse today.  This lesson comes from Genesis 24.

2.  Lesson -
  • Pray with your child about the lesson.
  • Review the past Bible story about Abraham and Sarah and how they had baby Isaac.
  • Then review the story of Abraham and Isaac and how God provided a lamb.
  • When Isaac grew up, his dad (Abraham) thought it was time for him to get married.  So Abraham asked his servant, to go to the place where his family lived to find a wife for Isaac.  Here is the story...
  • Read a children's version of the story.  (Since this story was in neither of my storybook Bibles, I used this one I found on the web, at
    (I did add a couple of sentences to the story because I thought they helped the story a little. 
    After "When I ask a girl for a drink, let her offer to get water for all of my camels also." I added, "Then I will know that she is the wife you have chosen for Isaac."
    And also, at the very end of the story, I added, "So, Rebekah left her family and traveled back with the servant to be Isaac's wife and Isaac loved Rebekah very much.")
  • Summarize the story and talk about how the people in the story were obeying God.  Abraham was obeying God by looking for a wife from his own family.  Abraham's servant obeyed Abraham and prayed to God for help and obeyed Him.  Rebekah obeyed God by leaving her family and her home to go marry Isaac.

3.  Craft - Coloring page.
I found this cute coloring page that nicely illustrates the story!
You can find it here at

Jenna didn't finish hers...maybe another day!

4. Song - "The Lord is my Shepherd." #9 on Wee Sing Bible Songs

5. End by reviewing the main names in the story:  Isaac and Rebekah!

**Awesome side note:  I found our Bible verse cards that I had misplaced in our move!!  (very excited about this!) They were so "wisely" tucked neatly into a box of craft supplies.  Good thing Jenna was asking me for stickers, or I never would have found them!!

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  1. I am very much encouraged by your post! I will be using the artwork also for our Sunday School lesson on the same topic tomorrow! Truly the Lord is doing wonderful things in the lives of believers! God bless your heart!