Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lesson 11: Adam and Eve - The Very First Sin

Hi friends!  We're home from our trip and starting back up with our lessons!  Here is today's lesson...
*Note - For this lesson, I used one of our storybook Bibles, The Beginning Reader's Bible, learn more about it here.

1. Verse - no new verse for today, but read Genesis 3 beforehand to prepare for the lesson.

2.  Lesson-
  • Pray with your child about the lesson.
  • Review the last lesson (about the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve.)
  • Read the story to your child.  I used "The Very First Sin" from The Beginning Reader's Bible.  You can use whatever storybook Bible that you have or read straight from the Bible, Genesis 2:8-17, 3: 1-23  OR, just tell the story to your child by summarizing it yourself.  While I read the story, I stopped and pointed out the different parts of the picture that illustrate the story.  (I love the pictures in this book!)
  • After you read, summarize the important parts of the story to reinforce it and highlight the main points:
  • God told Adam and Eve that they couldn't eat fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden, but the snake tricked them and told them God was wrong!
  • Adam and Eve decided to disobey God.  He told them not to do something, but they did it anyway.  When they disobeyed God, they sinned.
  • Disobeying God is called sin.
  • Because they disobeyed God, they had to leave the wonderful garden and work hard.
  • But even though Adam and Eve sinned and had to leave the Garden, God still loved them very much!  He made them clothes and he took care of them.
3.  Craft -  pasta snake/coloring page.
So...I read this craft idea on a blog and created it myself (without directions!).   Admittedly, it was a bit of a flop!  Jenna did have fun stringing the noodles and was mildly excited about her snake, but it's a little sad-looking and as we were making it, I thought, "Why are we highlighting Satan's part in this story?!?"  That didn't occur to me until we were actually making it!  I was just trying to do something other than a coloring page!  So, I just reminded Jenna a few times that the snake was the "bad guy" and he tricked Adam and Eve.  Then we colored a coloring page to kind of make up for it!
But, here are directions for the case you want to try it!
This is the finished product...
(Kind of pitiful for a blog, I know!!)

Materials - pasta (I used rigatoni), rubbing alcohol, green food coloring, yarn, two googly eyes, two large beads, hot glue gun

 Directions -
1.  Dye the noodles the night before.  I found directions for this on this blog.  But I only made this much...

Basically, I just put some alcohol in a large ziploc bag, added about 6 drops of food coloring, then added about a half a cup of noodles, swished it around and let it sit for about an hour and a half.  Then I took the noodles out and let them dry overnight.
2.  Cut a piece of yarn (the length of your snake).
3.  Tie a bead to one end of the yarn.
4.  Let your child string the noodles to make the snake.
5.  Tie the second bead on the other end of the snake, as tightly as you can to the noodles.  Leave a little extra yarn to be the "tongue."
6.  Hot glue two googly eyes to the second bead.  And you have a snake!

Soooo, if you don't want to go through all of that, here is a nice coloring page to go with the story...

4.  Song - I decided to repeat a song we did recently to help her learn it well...
"My God is So Great."  #45 on Wee Sing Bible Songs

5.  End with reviewing the important parts of the story one more time!

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