Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lesson 15: Tower of Babel

1. Verse - No new verse today, but the lesson is from Genesis 11:1-9

2.  Lesson -
  •  Pray with your child about the lesson
  • Review the people from the Bible that she's already learned about - Adam and Eve, Noah.
  • After Noah and his family had lived on the earth for a while, there were lots more people.  Some of these people gathered together to build a great big tower.
  • Read the story.  I used "A Tower Called Babel" from The Beginning Reader's Bible.   This book uses actual scripture for the stories and has beautiful pictures!  Love it!!
  • Recap the story:  At the beginning of the story, all the people spoke one language.  (We stopped and talked about languages.  Jenna is familiar with the concept of English vs. Spanish (Thank you, Dora!), so I used that to explain how everyone in the story spoke the same language.
  • The people started to build a great, big tower, a big building.  
  • They wanted to be famous and show how big and strong they were!
  • But they thought that they didn't need God.
  • God didn't like this and he know it wasn't good for them, so he confused them and made them speak in different languages.  Then they couldn't finish the tower.  (Again, we talked about Spanish vs. English and I mentioned that there are lots of other languages now...German, French, Chinese, etc...)
  • So, God wants us to always remember that we need him and everything we have and everything we can do is a blessing from him.
3. Craft - Tower of Babel Coloring page.
We used this coloring page and you can find it here!
 Both girls had fun coloring today!
4.  Song -
I planned this lesson late last night and I actually forgot to pick a song!  So, I decided to take requests!  Jenna chose "Jesus Loves Me."  So, that's what we sang.  :)

5.  End by reviewing the name of the tower and important parts of the story.

**Note -  This will be my only lesson this week!  The fam and I are headed to the beach for a few days!  We are very blessed to have this trip as we are just tagging along with my husband for a conference he's attending for work!  It was an unexpected blessing.  :)   We'll be back next week!


  1. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

    1. Great resource & ideas! A good verse to go with is
      Col. 3:17. Thanks for the help!