Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lesson 22: God wants us to...obey our parents.

1.  Verse:  "Children, obey your parents in everything for this pleases the Lord."  Colossians 3:20
2. Lesson:
  • Pray with your child about the lesson.
  • We've been learning about Abraham and Sarah.  Remember that they trusted and obeyed God?
  • First, God told them to move to a far away place.  So, they obeyed God and packed up their stuff and moved!
  • Then, God told Abraham to give Him Isaac as a sacrifice.  So, Abraham obeyed God and brought Isaac up the mountain to the altar.
  • God wants us to obey Him too!
  • What does it mean to obey somebody?  (Listen to your child's answer, then direct them means you do what the the person tells you to do.)
  • Mommy and Daddy obey God everyday.  God wants us to take care of our children and teach them about Him, so we obey God and take care of you and teach you about God!
  • Now, God has a special message for children...(read the verse).
  • God tells you to obey your parents! 
  • What does "obey mommy and daddy" mean? (Do what they tell you to do.)
  • God wants you to obey us because we keep you safe, we teach you how to be a good girl, we teach you how to be nice to other people, and we teach you how to obey God. And we love you so, so much and we will take really good care of you.  So, God wants you to obey us.
  • Then the verse says, "for this pleases the Lord."  What does this mean?  It means that it makes God happy when you obey mommy and daddy!
3. Craft: "family" picture
For this craft, I found some pictures around the house that I could cut up and I cut out the heads of each of the four people in our family.  Then, I wrote the verse at the top of a piece of construction paper.  I let Jenna glue the pictures onto the paper (with elmers glue) and then I told her to draw our bodies.  I wasn't sure how this would go, but it ended up being a hilarious "family portrait" that I'll treasure forever! 
She asked me for a picture of Chaucer (her teddy bear) and when I said I didn't have one, she drew her own picture to add him to the family.  My husband and I laughed because it's just so appropriate that he's floating higher than everyone else in the center of the family!!  haha!  She's too in love with that bear!  (And this was the first time she successfully drew him by herself!)  But enough about Jenna...I hope you all have fun with this craft and get some cute family portraits of your own!

4.  Song -
"The Lord is my Shepherd."  #9 on Wee Sing Bible Songs  (I think we've done this song quite a few times.  I probably need to start mixing it up a bit with the songs!)

5.  End by reviewing the verse one more time!

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