Friday, August 3, 2012

Lesson 20: God wants us to...Trust Him.

*Note about this lesson - So, I decided to do a lesson on trusting God to go along with the Abraham and Sarah story.  However, "trust" is kind of hard to explain to a preschooler.  I had trouble thinking of a picture to represent the verse (settled on a large "T") and I also had trouble finding any sort of craft or coloring page to go with it!  So, as I was planning the lesson, I thought, is it even worth trying to teach her this?  But I decided that yes, it was.  This lesson is WAY simple and basically just an introduction to the word "trust."  God reminded me this week, that with these lessons, friends, we are planting seeds in little hearts!  We are being faithful to teach our little ones about God and his Word, however simple the lessons, and we pray that God will use these seeds to grow beautiful fruit in their lives!  So, on to the lesson about trusting God...

1.  Verse - "Trust in the Lord and do good." Psalm 37:3
2.  Lesson -
  • Pray about the lesson with your child.
  • Review the Abraham and Sarah story from the last two lessons:
  • Abraham and Sarah trusted God.  If you trust somebody, it means that you believe that what they say is true and you obey them.
  • (at this point, I opened to the story in our storybook Bible to use the pictures to review the main points of the story.) God told Abraham and Sarah to move to a far away place.  They trusted God so they packed up their stuff and moved.
  • God also told them that they were going to have a baby.  They trusted God and they had baby Isaac.
  • God wants us to trust Him the same way.
  • God takes care of us, He loves us, and He always keeps his promises.  So, if he tells us to do something, we need to trust Him and do it.
  • One way that we trust and obey God is by reading and learning about the Bible, because God gave us the Bible to teach us about Himself and His promises. 
3. Craft - Bible coloring page.
Since I had trouble finding a craft idea for this lesson, I settled on this Bible coloring page and I wrote our verse at the top.  You can find it here.

Jenna enjoyed coloring it!

4.  Song - "The Lord is My Shepherd."  #9 on Wee Sing Bible Songs.
"The Lord is my shepherd, I'll walk with him always..."

5.  End by reviewing what "trusting" means.

*Note - There were two sweet moments during our lesson.  First, while we were singing the song, Jenna said, "We don't see God in the house.  But he can hear us right now when we're singing."  Of course, my mind flashed back to our previous lesson, "God knows me."  I agreed and said, "Yep, he can hear us and he loves to hear us sing to Him!"  Then little sis (20 months) caught on to the song and walked around the house all morning singing, "Ah-way, Ah-way!"  Even these were little reminders of the fruit already coming from these lessons!  How amazing that God is working in the simplest of things, quiet little Bible lessons at home with a 3-year-old.  :-)

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