Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lesson 1: God Made Me

So, today we did our first lesson!  To give you a little background on where I'm going with the lessons...I decided that before we jumped into Bible stories, I wanted to do a "unit" of lessons on "Who is God?" and then one on "What should we do?"  So, this lesson starts the "Who is God?" unit.  Also, for every lesson, my plan is to have a verse, an easy craft or coloring page, and a song to go along with it.  The crafts are going to be really simple, quick and involve things I have around the house.  For example, when I googled "God made me" lessons, I found a craft that involve tracing your kid on butcher block paper and decorating it to look like her.  Well, if I wait until I can get to the store and find butcher block paper, then I'll never do the lesson!  So, this one involves a simple printable.  The lesson lasted about 15 - 20 min which was just enough time for a 3 year-old and her busy toddler sister!

**One note about the pictures - First, my plan right now is to not fill the blog with pictures of my kids.  I intend for this to be a public blog and I just feel more comfortable protecting them in that way.  You can see them in my tiny profile pic, but other than that I'm going to avoid posting pictures of their face.  I know that'll make the pictures a little weird, but for now we'll just go with it!  Also, we will be doing the lessons mostly right after breakfast, so the girls will most likely still be in their pjs with messy hair.  Keeping it real here, friends!  I'm trying to remember that blog is about the lessons, not the other way around. :)**

So, here we go with the first lesson...

God Made Me
1.  Prayer - open the lesson by praying with your child about the lesson.
2.  Scripture - "The Spirit of God has made me." Job 33:4  (the full verse is "The Spirit of God has made me, the breath of the Almight gives me life."  if you want to use that.)
For each verse, I'm going to make one of these cards.  It's a 4 x 6 card which will have the verse and a picture to represent the verse.  I had that ring lying around my house, so I'll hold them all on that and we'll flip through them each time we start our lesson.

3. Lesson -
  • God makes all people and he makes them special.
  • He made mommy, daddy, Jenna, and Madeline (substitute with your kids)
  • He makes some people girls and some people boys.  Who in our family is a boy?  who is a girl?
  • He makes people with different hair color, skin color, eye color, sizes, things they like, etc.
  • He makes different body parts to do special things.  What did God make our eyes for?  our nose for? our mouth for? our hands for? our feet for?  etc..
  • He makes all people special and exactly how he wants them to be.
  • How did he make Jenna and Madeline? 
4.  Coloring Page -
      girl version -
      boy version -
     Have your child color the picture to look like themselves, hair color, eye color, clothes their favorite        color, and add some of their favorite things to the page.  Here's how ours turned out...

5.  Song - God Made Me.  
     "God made me.  God made me.  In my Bible book it says that God made me."
     My husband's aunt gave us Wee Sing Bible Songs as a gift.  So, I'll be using songs mostly from that CD.  It's nice because it comes with a book with all the words and the music.

6.  End with reviewing the verse one more time!

Here are a couple of pictures from our lesson time.  Madeline was taking a long time to eat her breakfast, so it worked out perfectly to start the lesson while she was finishing up in her high chair!
We had a couple of funny moments during the lesson.  When I asked Jenna, "What did God make our nose for?"  I got, "For snots to come out of it."  Nice...I may need to follow this one up with a science lesson!  haha!  Then when it was time to sing the song, she went running into the other room to put on her Snow White princess dress so she could dance in it while we sang the song. You gotta love the mind of a 3-year-old!

So, that's what I have in mind for these lessons.  I plan to do them twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I"ll *hopefully* will be posting two lessons a week!  I hope you find something here you can use with your own pre-schooler!   God bless!


  1. Yo we love this blog! We're trying to do something similar and this is totally helping. We should share ideas too... Brian & Veronica

  2. Great blog! Thanks so much for sharing :)