Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lesson 10: Intro to Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve

1.  Verse - No new verse today.  We've collected quite a few verses.  So, I felt like we could use a break to review them.  BUT, this story is based on Genesis chapter 2.  I recommend that you read the chapter beforehand to prepare for the lesson!

2.  Lesson -
  • Pray with your child about the lesson.
  • Review previous verses and the days of creation (from the last two lessons.)
  • As I told the story of today's lesson, I used the pictures from the craft (see below) to illustrate the story.
  •  When God was making the earth, he used the dust and the dirt on the ground to make a man. He named the man Adam.
  • Then God made a beautiful garden and it was called Eden.  That's where Adam lived!  What kinds of things are in a garden?  (flowers, plants, etc.)  All of those things were in the Garden of Eden and also trees and rivers!  It was a very beautiful place! (show the garden picture)
  • God also made animals and the Garden of Eden was filled with all kinds of animals. (show the animal pictures)
  • It was Adam's job to take care of the garden and the animals.  He gave all the animals their names!  What are some animal names that you know?(name the animal pictures and add others)
  • Now, God decided that Adam needed a helper to help him take care of the garden and the animals.  So, God made a woman and he named her Eve. (show picture of Adam and Eve)
  • So, Adam and Eve were the first two people that God made!  They were husband and wife and they lived in the Garden of Eden.
  • God loved Adam and Eve and they loved God.  
3.  Craft - Garden of Eden coloring page/craft.
So, as I come up with crafts, my goal is that everything is a free printable. For this craft, I pieced together a few printables to come up with one craft.  So, you'll need the following pages from this link:

Then you'll need the the "Adam and Eve" page from this site:

I cut blank part off the bottom of the garden and then cut out the Adam and Eve and the lion, fox, and giraffe.  So, here are the pieces:

Then write "The Garden of Eden" along the top of a piece of construction paper.
Then have your child color the pieces.  Trim the smaller pieces.  Glue the garden onto the construction paper first.  Then glue the people and animals onto the garden however your child wants to!

Finished product:
*Note about the craft - This craft requires a lot of coloring!  You may want to plan to help your child with some of the coloring.  You can see, I colored the giraffe and Jenna got a little tired of coloring by the time she got to Adam and Eve!  :)

4. Song -  "Praise the Lord Together"  #44 on Wee Sing Bible Songs
"Praise the Lord together singing Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!" (2x)

5.  End by reviewing the names in this story...Garden of Eden, Adam, Eve


  1. well done! It's exactly what I'd planned for my bible lesson and to see a finished product -u've saved me all the work. thanks.

  2. This will be wonderful to share with all of my Littles. Thank you!